Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Managing a Job Search is Like Managing a Project

Managing an effective job search is akin to managing any important project. Whether you are beginning a new search or seeking to revitalize an ongoing search,  plan to employ the project management skills you would use on any important project in order to successfully and effectively achieve your goal.

Preparation is key to succeed at finding the job you want.  Jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire, or firing off resumes at any and every opening that comes along, termed "shotgunning"is usually an exercise in frustration in the long run.

Learning the steps involved and preparing a "job search strategy" is the first step. As you begin your search, or take a step back to regroup an ongoing search, figure out your goal as follows:
  • Identify the type of job, or expanded role, you are seeking and write it down.
Continue your planning with market research.
  • Gain information and knowledge about the need and market for the type of work you want to do. 
  • Identify what industries and locales hire your skill set.
Acquire the project management tools you’ll need to get organized and perform the work of the project.
  • Establish your workspace.  If finding a job is a job . . . .  and it is . . . . set up your work space or office.  You'll need office tools to conduct and manage your search, so take the time to organize your office, computer, phone, files, etc.  
  • Create, or revise, your marketing tools:  Resume, marketing plan, "L"vator speech, networking plan, business cards, annotated reference list, bio, and portfolio.
    • Your resume needs to be focused on acquiring a specific type of job. Your other marketing materials - "L:vator speech, cover letters, bio, etc - also need to be similarly focused.
    • Focus, revise, and update your marketing materials to align with and support achievement of your goal.  The skills, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments you list should show that you can do the job and be an asset to the hiring firm.
    • If your resume doesn't present information that shows you have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments to do the job, rewrite it.
    •  If you are searching for 2 different types of jobs, such as grant writing and public relations, or engineering and business development, develop two sets of marketing tools (i.e., resume, “L”vator speech, bio, etc.).        
Market and Execute: 
With your goal clearly in mind, your work space or office organized, and your marketing materials focused on your goal, set off on your search in earnest.  Execute your search by marketing yourself and your capabilities.
  • Organize your work day to include time for research, networking, attending events, and eventually interviewing for ideal jobs and then negotiating your offerS!
So begin at the beginning.
Invest the time up front to get organized and plan a strategic job search.  The investment will speed you on your way and pay off in conducting a more focused, faster, and rewarding search.

For additional information on marketing yourself and your capabilities, please refer to the many articles found under the Articles tabs of the AJC–Career Strategy website.
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