Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nancy’s Nine Cardinal Rules of Interviewing

Hundreds and probably 1000's of rules, guidelines, and guides have been written about how to interview.  these 9 Rules of Interviewing listed below can ruin your chance of getting the job!
9 Rules to Stay in the Game!
Some are helpful; some are less helpful, some are not.  However, ignoring

Rule # 1    Never answer a question you don’t understand.

Rule # 2    When an interviewer asks you a question, figure out the purpose behind the question and then answer accordingly.

Rule # 3    Do not answer any question in a self-deprecating way.

Rule # 4    Exhibit a positive and appropriate attitude, manner, and energy level for the corporate culture  in which you are interviewing.

Rule # 5    Learn to listen to what’s being said, and for what’s not being said.

Rule # 6    Get comfortable with silence.  If the interviewer has stopped talking, don’t fill the void unless you have something meaningful to say that will help your candidacy.

Rule # 7    Sell what they’re buying!

Rule #8    Identify any skeleton(s) in your past and prepare an answer that puts it in its best light.

Rule #9    Never, never, never wing it!

Bonus Rule: Don’t ignore these Rules!  

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