Friday, February 8, 2013

Tired of Writing and Rewriting your Resume? - Save Time With a Master Resume

Question:  Tired of writing and writing and re-writing your resume for every job you apply for? 
Answer:  If you are, Craft a Master Resume.  It will save you time and the aggravation of writing and re-writing your resume!

Today, any savvy job seeker knows that in order to stand the best chance of being viewed as a viable candidate, you must customize each resume you send out for any position for which you apply, or to any company that you target.  It just makes sense.  It allows you to highlight those aspects of your career history that align with the employer’s requirements.

However, doing this takes a lot of time, time that a job seeker may need for other activities such as networking, attending meetings, etc.  And, writing and re-writing the resume can get discouraging.

The solution lies in crafting a “Master Resume.”  It will take some time initially, but the time you spend up front and will save you lots of time over the long run.

Here’s how:  
        1.    Gather together all the various resumes you have written and other helpful documents that show job duties you have performed, skills you have, abilities that are your strong points, and attitudes that helped you achieve challenges and complete assignments.  These other documents could include performance appraisals, commendations, letters of recognition by supervisors, letters of appreciation from customers, articles about/by you, awards, etc.

        2.    Now list the duties, skills, abilities, and attitudes under each position where you performed that duty, exhibited that ability, used that skill, or displayed that attitude.  You can see you have quite a comprehensive description of your work per position.

        3.    Next separate out each duty performed, and put it into the format of an Accomplishment Statement; list the duty under the position in which you performed it.

        4.     Set up a file computer file (paper too so that you have a hard copy to refer to) called Master Resume and keep only this document in it.

You now have a Master Resume, showing each and every duty you performed in each and every job you've held.  It also includes information about skills, abilities, and attitudes you used or exhibited per position which may come in handy down the road or writing your Linked In profile, answering interview questions, and networking.

No one will ever see your Master Resume but you!
Your Master Resume is a lengthy document, but don’t worry, no one will ever see your master resume but you!  It is simply a another tool for your “Basic Tool Kit” that will make your applications and resume submissions more complete and yet save you time.

How do you use your Master Resume?  
When you find a position that interests you, or a company you’d like to contact, go to your Master Resume file.
  1. Copy the document, name it according to the position / company you are preparing it for, and paste it into the file of the company you are contacting.  (Note: You should have a separate file for each company contacted.  This makes your follow-up easier and you can quickly find the resume when they call.)
  2. Delete all those duties and descriptions that are not relevant to the position you’re applying for.
  3. Amplify any items you wish to strengthen.
A great resume
Voila!  You have a great resume submission!  You have produced, in a fairly short period of time, a relevant resume that shows that you have the experience and results to perform this new position!  That the beauty of taking the time up front to craft your Master Resume!

For additional information on marketing yourself and your capabilities, please refer to the many articles found under the Articles tabs of the AJC–Career Strategy website.
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